Belgrade, 03.07.2014
Story of the Conference

thank you

For making our first Conference such a great event!

On this occasion we would like to thank you for your participation at the 1st Automotive Aftermarket Conference for Southeast Europe.

It has been our honour to welcome you and we highly appreciate your contribution to the gathering that will lead to the future development of the Independent Aftermarket in this region.

Conference was devoted to the current trends with special focus on cutting edge technologies, but at the same time covering all other issues relevant for sustainable competitive advantages of a wholesaler in today’s IAM business.

Initiative for formation of the National associations is another remarkable point and probably the most important recommendation for the future existence and development of wholesalers in the Automotive Aftermarket Business in Southeast Europe.

On this occasion we would like to thank you for your participation at the 1st Automotive Aftermarket Conference for Southeast Europe.


Mr.Karsten Schüßler Bilstein

Managing Director of the bilstein group

As the opening speaker for the 1st SEE Independent Aftermarket Conference, Mr.Karsten Schüßler Bilstein, Managing Director of the bilstein group view’s the event as a unique opportunity for the gathering of regional players, associations and federations in the SEE region. It should be the goal of all participants to exchange information, consider trends, debate critical issues and share subjects of mutual interest to create efficiencies, improve processes, provide new sales opportunities and bring competitive advantages to businesses in the IAM.

Mr. Hartmut Röhl

President of GVA & FIGIEFA

Mr. Hartmut Röhl, President of GVA (German Automotive Association) & FIGIEFA (International Federation of Automotive Aftermarket Distributors) as well as spokesman for AFCAR, the “Alliance for the Freedom of Car Repair” will centre his delivery on current opportunities for the IAM. His focus will be on the benefits federations can bring, covering the organisation and tasks of the institutes of both FIGIEFA & GVA. Special emphasis will be placed on the “Right to Repair Principle” and the new Block Exemption Regulation.

Mr. Helmut Wolk

CEO, Wolk After Sales Expert

Helmut Wolk is CEO of the Wolk After Sales Expert, German neutral consulting service network specialized in consulting the automotive aftermarket in Europe. With more then 40 international after sales experts and more then 30 years of experience in developing profitable, viable and secure solutions Wolk creates forward-looking unique strategies for European big IAM players. Wolk aftermarket intelligence will bring us exclusive market experience for future oriented concepts and focus more on facts and trends on the IAM market based on the specific aftermarket databases.

Philipp Hess

Managing Director at Hans Hess Autoteile GmbH managing

Philipp Hess is a Managing Director at Hans Hess Autoteile GmbHmanaging, Easy Auto Service GmbH, Hans Hess Industrietechnik GmbH and is having at the same time Business Development position at Motair Turbolader GmbH. Mr. Hess will focus more on ‘Modern technologies in the service of IAM’ with attention to Influence of Telematics as a huge threat and an opportunity for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket.

Markus Frömgen

BBE Automotive

Markus Frömgen has more than 20 years of experience in the international automotive market, particularly in the data business. From February 2014, he is Director of Strategy consulting and Project management at the Cologne automotive consultant BBE Automotive and his international orientation of the after-sales portfolio and the automotive business field continues to accelerate. He was previously longtime vice president and Managing Director at consulting firm RL Polk Europe and CEO of RL Polk Germany GmbH. Mr. Frömgen will introduce us to the topic ’Facts and Trends in the IAM Truck business’.

Fotios Katsardis

President & CEO at TEMOT International Autoparts GmhH

Fotios Katsardis (MA, MBA) is since 2005 the President and CEO of Temot International. Before Previously he gathered professional experience working 12 years for Robert Bosch as well as in the construction´s machinery and lubricants industry. The subject of his intervention is focusing on the challenges of the Automotive Aftermarket from the perspective of the Warehouse Distributors. Particular reference is given to the requirements of the workshops to serve and repair efficiently and properly as well as to the solutions that a warehouse distributor should offer in order to be able to cope with the market demands.

Mitja Bartsch

Head of Workshop Concept, MOTOO

Born and raised in Berlin, Mitja Bartsch is Workshop Concept Expert with more than decade of experience focused on this specific automotive area. The position Head of workshop concepts (MOTOO, Auto-Sofort-Service) and customer training at Hans Hess Autoteile GmbH, is in Mitja’s hands since 2009. During his successful career, Mitja spent 6 years at Schaeffler group working as Workshop concept manager for AUTOMEISTER and Luk Meisterservice.
On the conference, he will try to bring us closer to the topic “Workshop concepts as a tool for spare-part wholesaler” covering issues such as:
- the necessity for workshop concept,
- right development process and
- adequate control system.

Andrej Štih


Mr. Andrej Štih, will take a participation in a panel discussion about “International and national federations and trade groups”. Since 2006 he is member of the GroupAuto International (GAI) and the company director of Adel Ltd. Ljubljana. In 2009 national company was renamed in GA Adria Ltd, and Mr. Štih became a President, in a position he performs today. Up to now, Mr. Štih is almost 20 years part of automotive industry. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, sailing, basketball, traveling and he is a great fan of good books.


For making our first Conference such a great event!

Foundation of ´BBH Technische Anlagen GmbH & Co KG`, whereby the designation BBH resulted from the initial letters of the names of the establishment partners. The company targets lie in the context technical education and training. The manufacturing and trading program includes technical training equipment and display models, within the thematic areas automotive engineering, heating engineering, electronics, computer measurement and the development and distribution of computer software.

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Education centre for auto professionals (ECAP) is a project of company Ferdinand Bilstein South East Europe Ltd opened in September 2012. As a first training center of its kind in Balkans, ECAP provides all sorts of trainings for independent workshops. More than 470 issued certificates in a year and a half! Since January 2014, ECAP offers completely new area of support. ECAP’s Technical Call Center provides solutions for all kind of troubleshooting to all participants in the IAM. Professional and for decades experienced staff solve all IAM problems from 08-16h. If you need professional help, you can rely on ECAP Call Center!


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